Sunday, April 17, 2011

Non Stop

Clay and I have been going Non Stop. We had a wonderful and productive weekend that included friends and some household duties. Friday night we met friends at Blue Goose on Greenville for dinner and drinks. Saturday Clay played in a golf tournament with Miles and Matt, while Michelle and I met up in Arlington for some girl time. Michelle and I were able to catch up over lunch and some shopping. Today we headed out to Farmers Market and bought our spring/summer flowers for the flower beds. Normally we would have had this done weeks ago, but the kitchen has everything else on hold. I will do a kitchen post later this week after our granite is installed. Some pics of our hard work... and yes I did help.
 The ferns are my favorite, I love green... Clay likes color.

Where's Brody?

There he is!

He is a great supervisor, not much of a helper

It only took us all day

A closer look

Can't forget the other side

Checking on us

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  1. Wow, so impressed with y'alls landscaping. That is on our agenda for this weekend!