Saturday, April 9, 2011

Kitchen Remodel

So Clay and I decided that we wanted to remodel our kitchen. What were we thinking! Our house was on the market for less then a day before we put an offer on it. We had been looking for a house for awhile and when we found this house we were sold. We have been in our house for almost two years and we love it. We have done a lot of work to really make it ours. Our house was built in 1958, and our kitchen and main bath have never really been updated. Our main bathroom is the original and our kitchen was not in its original form, but was still a little dated. I definitely made it work for awhile, but it was time. Clay and I would like to be in this house for awhile. We are in a great location, and we could start our family here in the future. With that being said we made the decision that we were not going to be totally happy until the kitchen was how we wanted it. So after picking out cabinets, redesigning our kitchen, picking out all new appliances, counter tops and much more, it was to late too turn back. So we are currently under construction and it will probably not be all said and done till the end of the month. My house is in total chaos. Not only is this remodel stressful, but the fact that my house is a complete disaster is even more stressful. I'm looking forward to the finished project.  Here are some pictures. I will  update weekly on the remodel until its completed.
BYE BYE Old Kitchen
Clay started by taking all the doors off
No turning back now

No  oven, sink, or dishwasher (I have been washing dishes in the bathroom)

What were we thinking?
Some of the new cabinets installed
Hard at work

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  1. Love getting to see the process on here. It's going to be amazing!