Sunday, September 25, 2011


We have a new pet, or should I say our neighbors Charlie and Loretta have a new pet. While out shopping on Saturday, Clay calls to tell me that our other neighbors down the street had cut down a dead tree. After cutting down the tree they found a baby squirrel in it's nest. They brought the squirrel over to Charlie's to see if he would take care of it and of course he said "yes".

A little background Clay and I have become close to our neighbors two doors down, Charlie and Loretta. They have become like grandparents to us. With that being said we are over there often. They have lived in our neighborhood for a long time. Charlie does not have very good vision, so now that Charlie has this baby squirrel to raise and feed, he has enlisted the help of my lovely husband. After a long day of shopping I had to see it for myself. I'm not much of a rodent fan, but I have to say he or she was kinda cute. Charlie told me I had to name him and so I did, "Nelson". Don't ask where I came up with it and of course we are unsure of the gender, but for now he is Nelson. I'm such a germ freak, I would not touch him, but the boys held and fed him. I did tell the guys to wash their hands about a million times. I'll be sure to have updates on Nelson.
Meet Nelson
Clay,Charlie and Nelson
Please excuse my husband, he had been doing yard work while I was out shopping
Sleeping Nelson

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Another Year Older


In honor of his 29th Birthday, I'm going to share 29 things that I love about my husband.
Some are funny, some are serious, and a few are random.

1. He is always willing to help others at the drop of a hat
2. When he talks or smiles his top lip curls up
3. He is a hard worker
4. He researches everything
5. He is a great son, brother and friend
6. He is a huge sports fan and is very competitive  
7. He loves his nieces Ryan and Reagan
8. He is very shy until you get to know him
9. He is always encouraging and optimistic
10. He loves our dog Brody
11. He enjoys doing the yard and working on the house
12. He taught me how to ski
13. He has a big heart and hurts when others hurt
14. When he is talking on the cell phone his voice gets louder
15. He always listens to me when I need to talk or even when I don't really need to talk
16. He is handy when it comes to cars
17. He enjoys going to SAM's and snacking on samples
18. He loves my family
19. He almost always drinks water over tea and soda
20. He likes to have a plan
21. He enjoys going on new adventures and vacations
22. He is always sure to kiss me before he goes to bed and before he leaves for work
23. He enjoys going outside and watching the bad weather
24. He loves to cook and grill out
25. He eats the same thing for lunch almost everyday
26. He is smart is always has good advice
27. He is always being silly trying to get a laugh
28. He is one year closer the 30
29. He is an amazing husband and my best friend

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Still Alive?

Yes, I'm still alive. Our summer has been filled with family, friends, vacation and of course some eating and drinking. Summer is official over. School starts tomorrow which means it's back to watching my speed in school zones, flu season, and looking forward to cooler temperatures and the holidays. Instead of writing all about my summer in words, I will post pictures. I hope everyone enjoyed thier Summer!
Picture Over Load
Rob's 60th Birthday

2011 Frenzel Family Vacation
Gulf Shores, Alabama

We have to have a jumping picture

The girls loved the waves

They Love their Uncle C

Lunch with Sara and Shelly

PK Lake

Michelle and I on the Boat
PK Lake

Michelle, Sarina and Me
PK Lake

The boys working on their tan
Miles, Matt and Clay
PK Lake

Boat Ride
PK Lake

Food and Drinks
Lindsi, Janelle, and Me


Hung out with these cuties

 Our good friends Kristi and Jeremy had Baby Kingsley

I love you Kingsley

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Born This Way

"Born This Way" is new album by Lady GAGA and I'm super pumped. I went to the concert back in March and it was amazing. She is a great singer/performer and I will totally be going back to see her again in concert. My first concert that I ever went to was a Neil Diamond concert, with my mom and mawmaw Joan. I'm guessing my mom did not have a babysitter that night. I really don't remember much of the concert besides the Coming to America song and the adults getting lost on the way home from the concert. I did of course in high school go to a few NSync and Backstreet Boys Concerts. My mom was always the one who took all my girlfriends and I to the concerts. I bet she was ready to shoot all of us by the end of the night. I guess I owe her a big "Thank You" for dealing with immature/obnoxious teenagers. Below is the new video from her new single Judas.

 Co workers Lindsey, Kelli(not a blonde)Denise, and Me before the concert

Alot of intersting people

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I have been wanting a ceramic side table for awhile now, but unfortunately they are not cheap. You can find them many places including Pottery Barn and Ballard's Designs to name a few. I think they add something that a regular old side table does not have. A picture below of a ceramic side table.

 Let me change the subject just a bit. My one stop shop (well two) are Marshalls and Home Goods/TJ Maxx when it comes to home decor. I love finding great finds for the house for cheap. The key for me is to go to these stores at least once a week and to know what's good. When I get my Pottery Barn and Ballard's Designs magazines I study them. Of course I look at all the beautiful and expensive furniture that I would love to have that sadly does not fit my budget, but mostly I'm looking at the little details. What I mean by details, is the decor/items used to set up the design/picture that are not even for sale. After studying the magizines I make mental pictures and store them in my head. When I head on over to my two stop shops I keep an eye out. Its like a game of pictionary. When I see something that matches, I usally have a winner. The funny part about it is when you find these items there are very few, usually just one. Yes you do have to dig through junk, but its so worth it when you find something great for cheap.

So a few weeks ago I was at Marshalls and found this for $50.00

Of course the color and designs is not what I wanted, but nothing a $4 spray paint can could not take care of. So after my DIY project was done it looked like this.

Not sure if I'm going to keep it white, but I love it and it was not expensive. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Three's the Magic Number

Happy 3rd Birthday to my beautiful niece Reagan. Looking forward to celebrating her 3rd Birthday this weekend with an Easter Extravaganza themed Birthday Party.
Happy 3rd Birthday Reagan! Big Sister Ryan has a Birthday coming up soon too.

Birthday Girl all grown up

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Non Stop

Clay and I have been going Non Stop. We had a wonderful and productive weekend that included friends and some household duties. Friday night we met friends at Blue Goose on Greenville for dinner and drinks. Saturday Clay played in a golf tournament with Miles and Matt, while Michelle and I met up in Arlington for some girl time. Michelle and I were able to catch up over lunch and some shopping. Today we headed out to Farmers Market and bought our spring/summer flowers for the flower beds. Normally we would have had this done weeks ago, but the kitchen has everything else on hold. I will do a kitchen post later this week after our granite is installed. Some pics of our hard work... and yes I did help.
 The ferns are my favorite, I love green... Clay likes color.

Where's Brody?

There he is!

He is a great supervisor, not much of a helper

It only took us all day

A closer look

Can't forget the other side

Checking on us

Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Birthday and Tax Day

Happy 4th Brithday to our dog Brody Davis. Today is also Tax Day, how not exciting, I wish dogs were a deduction. Warning... Picture Overload

After we picked him up

How could you not love this face

Up to no good

Cute Bubba's

Likes Hiding

Snow Day

Loves being in the float, but not much of a swimmer

Brody's Favorite Miss Ava