Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I have been wanting a ceramic side table for awhile now, but unfortunately they are not cheap. You can find them many places including Pottery Barn and Ballard's Designs to name a few. I think they add something that a regular old side table does not have. A picture below of a ceramic side table.

 Let me change the subject just a bit. My one stop shop (well two) are Marshalls and Home Goods/TJ Maxx when it comes to home decor. I love finding great finds for the house for cheap. The key for me is to go to these stores at least once a week and to know what's good. When I get my Pottery Barn and Ballard's Designs magazines I study them. Of course I look at all the beautiful and expensive furniture that I would love to have that sadly does not fit my budget, but mostly I'm looking at the little details. What I mean by details, is the decor/items used to set up the design/picture that are not even for sale. After studying the magizines I make mental pictures and store them in my head. When I head on over to my two stop shops I keep an eye out. Its like a game of pictionary. When I see something that matches, I usally have a winner. The funny part about it is when you find these items there are very few, usually just one. Yes you do have to dig through junk, but its so worth it when you find something great for cheap.

So a few weeks ago I was at Marshalls and found this for $50.00

Of course the color and designs is not what I wanted, but nothing a $4 spray paint can could not take care of. So after my DIY project was done it looked like this.

Not sure if I'm going to keep it white, but I love it and it was not expensive. 

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