Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Born This Way

"Born This Way" is new album by Lady GAGA and I'm super pumped. I went to the concert back in March and it was amazing. She is a great singer/performer and I will totally be going back to see her again in concert. My first concert that I ever went to was a Neil Diamond concert, with my mom and mawmaw Joan. I'm guessing my mom did not have a babysitter that night. I really don't remember much of the concert besides the Coming to America song and the adults getting lost on the way home from the concert. I did of course in high school go to a few NSync and Backstreet Boys Concerts. My mom was always the one who took all my girlfriends and I to the concerts. I bet she was ready to shoot all of us by the end of the night. I guess I owe her a big "Thank You" for dealing with immature/obnoxious teenagers. Below is the new video from her new single Judas.

 Co workers Lindsey, Kelli(not a blonde)Denise, and Me before the concert

Alot of intersting people

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  1. Lol! That last picture is hilarious. Your mom is a brave woman.