Sunday, September 25, 2011


We have a new pet, or should I say our neighbors Charlie and Loretta have a new pet. While out shopping on Saturday, Clay calls to tell me that our other neighbors down the street had cut down a dead tree. After cutting down the tree they found a baby squirrel in it's nest. They brought the squirrel over to Charlie's to see if he would take care of it and of course he said "yes".

A little background Clay and I have become close to our neighbors two doors down, Charlie and Loretta. They have become like grandparents to us. With that being said we are over there often. They have lived in our neighborhood for a long time. Charlie does not have very good vision, so now that Charlie has this baby squirrel to raise and feed, he has enlisted the help of my lovely husband. After a long day of shopping I had to see it for myself. I'm not much of a rodent fan, but I have to say he or she was kinda cute. Charlie told me I had to name him and so I did, "Nelson". Don't ask where I came up with it and of course we are unsure of the gender, but for now he is Nelson. I'm such a germ freak, I would not touch him, but the boys held and fed him. I did tell the guys to wash their hands about a million times. I'll be sure to have updates on Nelson.
Meet Nelson
Clay,Charlie and Nelson
Please excuse my husband, he had been doing yard work while I was out shopping
Sleeping Nelson

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